Enhanced CH4 Hydrate Formation using Hybrid MOF plus Promoter System

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Metal-Organic Framework (MOFs) are functional porous material having an open metal site with organic linkers. MOFs are of very low density and high surface area. The application of MOFs in gas hydrate is very recent, and there are many unknown. Due to the high surface area, MOF can improve the gas-liquid interface area, thus total gas stored in the hydrate. In this research, we have used a high-pressure differential scanning calorimeter to investigate the total CH4 gas storage in hydrate in the presence of HKUST-1. Effect of different chemicals, including Amino acids Methionine, Surfactant Sodium dodecyl sulfate, was studied and compared with pure water. Experiments were carried out at constant pressure P = 95-100 bar to investigate total gas capture under different liquid/solid ratio.

Results show improvement in gas storage in hydrate in promoters' presence at a given pressure and L/S ratio. Crystals were found to remain stable over multiple formations and dissociation cycles, suggesting high reusability. Additional discussion will be provided during the presentation.
Original languageEnglish
Publication date2021
Publication statusPublished - 2021
EventThermal Analysis and Calorimetry - TAC 2021 - Virtual conference
Duration: 29 Mar 202130 Mar 2021


ConferenceThermal Analysis and Calorimetry - TAC 2021
LocationVirtual conference


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