Energy saving LED smart tube in intelligent solutions

Dennis Dan Corell, Anders Thorseth, Carsten Dam-Hansen, Allan Krogh Jensen, Bo Lindby

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    The objective of the project was to investigate the functionality and energy savings of the new LED Smart tube, an LED tube with smart sensors and metering being able to control the lighting in the immediate area through daylight and motion control. This was done through computer modelling and analysis of two years of collected data for the lighting conditions and energy consumption in a pilot installation at an industrial site. This has shown that energy savings of 40-60 % is achievable using LED Smart tubes with daylight control instead of normal LED tubes. A 26 % higher energy saving can be achieved by using distributed light control in all zones of the analysis compared to the one with lowest energy savings. Through laboratory stress and photometric tests, it has been shown that the LED tubes intended to be used for the LED smart tube, survived the new EU endurance test with 100 % survival factor and with a lumen maintenance of 104 % at 3000 h, no visible color change and high-energy efficiency of 150 lm/W. The on/off
    cycling in the EU endurance test did not change the lumen maintenance compared to continuous on, showing a thermally well-constructed and robust LED tube capable of slow on/off switching, which is the basis of the LED smart tube functionality. The LED Smart tube concept in decentralised light control will be pursued in other types of lighting products, like LED panels for offices and institutions and LED high bay luminaires for industrial illumination, for installation in old buildings were new cable installations are not economically viable. It is the hope that the project results can help promote the advantages of decentralised daylight control systems in general and ensure larger energy savings.
    Original languageEnglish
    PublisherDet Energiteknologiske Udviklings- og Demonstrationsprogram
    Number of pages23
    Publication statusPublished - 2021


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