Energy-optimal speed control of fans and compressor in a refrigeration system

Arne Jakobsen, Bjarne D. Rasmussen

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    Use of variable speed compressors and variable speed fans for both the evaporator and the condenser makes the refrigeration system more flexible, adds to the degree of freedom of the control system and therefore makes it possible to (on-line) optimise the various speeds involved. Say, for example that the cooling capacity must be increased due to increased cooling load. This can be done by increasing the compressor speed and/or the evaporator fan speed and also to some extent by increasing the condenser fan speed. The general control problem is to obtain the desired temperature of the cooled air, while choosing the combination of compressor speed, evaporator fan and condenser fan speeds which minimises the total power consumption of the motors involved. A system and integrated control viewpoint is necessary as a “component-oriented” and “single-loop-control” approach will not lead to the discovery and therefore the achievement of the potential for energy saving. This control/optimisation problem is investigated using a steady-state simulation model.
    Original languageEnglish
    Title of host publicationEnergy-optimal speed control of fans and compressor in a refrigeration system
    Publication date1998
    Publication statusPublished - 1998
    EventEurotherm Seminar no. 59 - Nancy, France
    Duration: 6 Jul 19987 Jul 1998


    ConferenceEurotherm Seminar no. 59

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