Employment without Growth

Jørgen Nørgaard (Invited author)

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Employment is a central argument for economic growth in the Western world. But environmental problems like global warming points towards limits to growth. The presentation outlines the history of what has lead to this dilemma. Fortunately citizens attitudes now points towards a preference for less work over more income and consumption. Lower work input to production can take many differnet forms, such as job sharing, lowering production efficiency, reduction in labor force, etc. In this light it seems ridiculous to argue for certain economic development course on the ground that it will create more work. There are no indication that growth at Western economies increases satisfaction or happiness. A new look at the full economy divides it into professional economy and amateur economy, and it is suggested that a reversal of the trend hitherto to draw still more of the whole economy into the professional sphere, GDP, could contribute at the same time to a better satisfaction and a more sustainable development.
Original languageEnglish
Publication date2009
Publication statusPublished - 2009
EventKlimaforum 09 - DGI, Copenhagen
Duration: 1 Jan 2009 → …


ConferenceKlimaforum 09
CityDGI, Copenhagen
Period01/01/2009 → …

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The presentation is avalable as a slide show from the author


  • Employment, sustainability, work sharing, amateur economy, happiness


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