Elastic-Plastic Fracture Mechanics Analysis of a CT-Specimen - a Two-Dimensional Approach

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    This report documents the results obtained from an elastic-plastic finite-element analysis of a compact tension specimen. The geometry of the model has been slightly modified compared to the physical specimen, but this is not considered to influence the results. The analysis comprises a plane strain as well as a plane stress approximation. The results presented include applied loads and displacements at certain locations. Moreover, the J-integral and the crack opening displacement have been presented. The plane strain and the plane stress approximation have been compared and the plane stres« approximation is believed to deliver the best results. The results have been obtained using the finiteelement code ADINA and the postprocessor code JINT.
    Original languageEnglish
    Place of PublicationRoskilde
    PublisherRisø National Laboratory
    Number of pages23
    ISBN (Print)87-550-1231-0
    Publication statusPublished - 1986


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