Editorial note

Rafiqul Gani, A. Hrymak, J. Lee, V. Venkatasubramanian

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The “aims and scope” of the Computers & Chemical Engineering has been revised (see the inside cover page for the new version). We would like to make this journal the indisputable journal for the Process Systems Engineering (PSE) area as well as define the PSE agenda for the future. The principal components of PSE—modeling, numerical analysis, optimization, systems and control theory, computer science, and, management science will be highlighted through the published articles (full-length papers, perspective papers, review papers, short notes and letters to the editor). They will cover the traditional areas in PSE together with the emerging challenges in PSE in terms of: PSE core methodologies (numerical analysis, optimization methods, etc.), PSE core domains (modeling, synthesis/design, control, operation, monitoring, etc.); PSE emerging methodologies (cyberinfrastructure, informatics and intelligent systems, integrated approaches to design, control and data analysis, systematic techniques for managing complexity, etc.), PSE emerging domains (product-process design, enterprise-wide optimization, energy and sustainability, biological engineering, pharmaceutical engineering, etc.) and novel industrial and educational applications. These articles will highlight theory, models, algorithms and applications with respect to value preservation and/or value creation or growth within the chemical product supply chain. To highlight and motivate research in the emerging challenges in PSE, we plan to publish three or four perspective papers per year on selected topics. The following perspective papers on the following topics are planned for 2009: “bioprocess modeling and evaluation”; “support systems for design, management and implementation of policies” and “molecular products design and engineering”. Readers are welcome to suggest topics for future perspective papers. We will try our best to bring down the processing time of submitted manuscripts. We hope to provide authors with the first stage decision and reviewer comments within three to six months after submission of their manuscript. Here, we need your support and cooperation as potential reviewers. We would very much appreciate if reviewers, who accept our invitation to review, send their comments to us within the agreed deadline. We will strive to maintain and strengthen the scientific quality of Computers & Chemical Engineering and make it one of the leading journals within Chemical Engineering and beyond with a wide audience. To introduce the new theme of “Cyberinfrastructure, informatics, and intelligent systems” a short commentary on this topic is included in this issue of Computers & Chemical Engineering. Finally, we would like to thank Professor Rex Reklaitis for leading this journal for 22 years and making it one of the leading journals within Chemical Engineering.
Original languageEnglish
JournalComputers & Chemical Engineering
Issue number1
Pages (from-to)1-1
Publication statusPublished - 2009


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