Dynamic bioconversion mathematical modelling and simulation of urban organic waste co-digestion in continuously stirred tank reactor

Temesgen Mathewos Fitamo, Alessio Boldrin, G. Dorini, Kanokwan Boe, Irini Angelidaki, Charlotte Scheutz

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The application of anaerobic digestion (AD) as process technology is increasing worldwide: the production of biogas, a versatile form of renewable energy, from biomass and organic waste materials allows mitigating greenhouse gas emission from the energy and transportation sectors while treating waste. However, the successful operation of AD processes is challenged by economic and technological issues. To overcome these barriers, mathematical modelling of the bioconversion process can provide support to develop strategies for controlling and optimizing the AD process. The objective of this study was to apply a dynamic mathematical model to simulate the co-digestion of different urban organic wastes (UOW). The modelling was based on experimental activities, during which two reactors (R1, R2) were operated at hydraulic retention times (HRT) of 30, 20, 15, 10 days, in thermophilic conditions (55 oC). Sludge, food waste, grass clippings, garden waste were co-digested with VS-based mixing ratios of 10:67.5:15.75:6.75 and 10:45:31.5:13.5 in R1 and R2 respectively. The BioModel (Angelidaki et al., 1999) was then employed with minor modifications of model parameters. The model outputs were validated with experimental results using AD of mixed sludge as single substrate and UOW as co-substrate. The process parameters values were reasonably predicted by the model, showing good correlation with the measured data. Identification of optimal scenarios for co-digestion of UOW, with changing HRT and feedstock compositions, was performed with multi-parameter pareto optimization. The results of the optimization demonstrated that tradeoff between productivity, methane yield and stable process operation should be taken in to consideration.
Original languageEnglish
Publication date2016
Number of pages1
Publication statusPublished - 2016
EventBioCycle REFOR16 - 16th annual conference - Florida, United States
Duration: 17 Oct 201620 Oct 2016
Conference number: 16


ConferenceBioCycle REFOR16 - 16th annual conference
CountryUnited States

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