Dum satsning på uøkonomisk vækst (Stupid aim at un-economic growth): Onder og Goder (Bads and Goods)

Jørgen Nørgaard

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    The recession has resulted in a decline in energy use, which seems to disprove an often claimed de-coupling between the GDP and energy use. This points towards a reduction in GDP as a means to mitigate climate change, especially if the growth in GDP turns out to be un-economic growth in the sense that the overall cost exceeds the benefits, as suggested as suggested by the economist Herman Daly. For Denmark the vast majority express a preference for lower working time over more income and consumption. This points towards halting or reversing the growth in GDP as real no-cost measure in climate policy.
    Original languageDanish
    Issue number29. May
    Publication statusPublished - 2009


    • Economic growth, environment, climate change, working time

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