DTU International Energy Report 2019 - Transforming Urban Mobility

Birte Holst Jørgensen (Editor), Katrine Krogh Andersen (Editor), Otto Anker Nielsen (Editor)

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DTU International Energy Report 2019 presents DTU’s perspective on the issue of the transformation of urban mobility. The transport sector connects people across space and enables goods to be exchanged, but it also consumes energy and contributes heavily to CO2 emissions and local air pollution, with huge impacts on the human, environmental and economic costs. With more people, and with more of them living in urban areas, cities offer opportunities for transforming urban mobility. The report presents recent research on three interrelated areas that will be decisive in developing sustainable urban mobility solutions: how to avoid unnecessary transport, how to shift to eco-efficient transport modes, and how to improve technologies, fuels and infrastructure. The report also describes the future educational needs of urban mobility and presents a network analysis of the areas of research that are influencing urban mobility solutions.
International collaboration is an integral part of DTU’s activities and a prerequisite for its status as an international elite university, a status that is consolidated, and continuously developed, through the work of its researchers, students and administration. Our objective is for DTU to become one of the five leading technical universities in Europe. Our ambition is to attract the best researchers and research students from both Denmark and abroad, as well as to maintain DTU as an attractive collaboration partner for other leading research environments worldwide. A strong network of partner universities strengthens DTU’s position as an international elite university. DTU is a member of alliances and strategic partnerships with universities from the Nordic countries, Europe and Asia. Furthermore, it also has a number of close collaborators from different parts of the world, covering many of the C40 Cities.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages129
Publication statusPublished - 2019


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