Documentation of BRUSII used on Egyptian data

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    The BRUSII model and its use on Egyptian data are documented in this report. A Master Plan for wind development in Egypt is a part of the project, Demonstration and Development of Technology and Planning in the Wind Energy Sector in Egypt. The Master Plan work is has been carried out in cooperation between New and Renewable Energy Authority (NREA) in Cairo and The System Analysis Department of Risø.
    In the work the BRUSII model has been used to analyze the perspectives for wind development in a fully specified energy system. BRUSII has its origin in the BRUS model developed and used in connection to the Danish energy plan 2000. The model has been adapted to suit Egyptian conditions, but elements originating from the Danish energy system are still present. Thus the model could be used to examine a system including a demand for heating.
    All 20 spreadsheets of the model are documented, regarding their main input data, calculations and output and to some degree the assumptions made.
    Original languageEnglish
    PublisherRisø National Laboratory
    Number of pages22
    Publication statusPublished - 1995


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