DNP Communication Function with RTDS: GTNET-DNP& ASE Interface Test Results

Seung-Tae Cha, Qiuwei Wu, Arshad Saleem, Jacob Østergaard (Supervisor)

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    A simulation case is implemented on RSCAD for testing their communication. The case has two binary status points (mapped to DNP binary input objects 1 & 2) and two binary control points (mapped to DNP binary output objects 10 and controlled via DNP objects 12). There is also one analog status point (mapped to DNP analog input objects 30 & 32) and one analog control point (mapped to DNP analog output objecst 40 & control via DNP objects 41). In order to use the DNP function on the RTDS, the DNP control component must be assigned to a GPC processor on the GPC card to which the GTNET card is connected. The program ‘ASE 2000 Communication Test Set’ is used to verify the transmission of exchanged data.
    Original languageEnglish
    Number of pages15
    Publication statusPublished - 2010


    • DNP
    • SCADA
    • RTDS


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