Distribution and abundance of eelpouts (Pisces, Zoarcidae) off West Greenland

Peter R. Moller, Ole A Jørgensen

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New information on distribution and abundance of West Greenland (59degree50'-73degree21'N) eelpouts, was obtained during six bottom trawl surveys (616 hauls) and three longline surveys (78 sets) conducted in the period 1992-1998, at depths from 56 to 1495 m. A total of 17 eelpout taxa were recorded from 407 trawl hauls and 64 longline settings. Further, information on temperature and depth ranges, population structure, reproduction and length-weight relation is given. Five species were recorded for the first time in West Greenland waters (Melanostigma atlanticum, Lycenchelys muraena, Lycenchelys sarsii, Lycodes pallidus, and Lycodes sp. 1) and six were new to Canadian waters (L. muraena, L. sarsii, Lycodes luetkenii, Lycodes adolfi, Lycodes eudipleurostictus, and Lycodes sp. 1). The distribution patterns were analysed by means of a correspondence analysis (CA). The middle slope (600-1500 m) north of the Greenland-Canada Ridge was characterised by L. adolfi, L. eudipleurostictus, Lycodes vahlii, L. luetkenii, Lycodes sp. 1, and L. muraena in low densities while the shelf-upper slope (0-600 m) was characterised by L. eudipleurostictus, Lycodes seminudus, L. vahlii, Lycodes reticulatus, and Lycenchelys kolthoffi in high densities and L. sarsii, Lycodes esmarkii, Lycodes sp. 1, L. luetkenii, L. pallidus, and Gymnelus spp. in low densities. South of the Greenland-Canada Ridge the shelf-upper slope was characterised by L. vahlii, L. sarsii, and Gymnelus spp. in high densities, while the middle slope was characterised by Lycodonus mirabilis, Lycenchelys paxillus, Lycodes terraenovae, and M. atlanticum in low densities. The Arctic species north of the ridge were caught at unusually high temperatures in 1998, probably due to an extraordinary strong inflow of warm West Greenland Current water.
Original languageEnglish
Issue number1
Pages (from-to)23-48
Publication statusPublished - 2000
Externally publishedYes


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