Development status of a CZT spectrometer prototype with 3D spatial resolution for hand x-ray astronomy

N. Auricchio, E. Caroli, A. Basili, G. Benassi, Carl Budtz-Jørgensen, R.M.C. da Silva, S. Del Sordo, Irfan Kuvvetli, L. Milano, F. Moscatelli

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    The development of new focusing optics based on wide band Laue lenses operating from ~60 keV up to several hundred keV is particularly challenging. This type of hard X-ray or gamma ray optics requires a high performance focal plane detector in order to exploit to the best their intrinsic capabilities. We describe a three dimensional (3D) position sensitive detector prototype suitable as the basic module for a high efficiency Laue lens focal plane detector. This detector configuration is currently under study for use in a balloon payload dedicated to performing a high significance measurement of the polarization status of the Crab between 100 and 500 keV. The prototype is made by packing 8 linear modules, each composed of one basic sensitive unit bonded onto a thin supporting ceramic layer. Each unit is a drift strip detector based on a CZT crystal, irradiated transversally to the electric field direction. The anode is segmented into 8 detection cells, each comprising one collecting strip and 8 surrounding drift strips. The drift strips are biased by a voltage divider. The cathode is divided into 4 horizontal strips for the reconstruction of the Z interaction position. The detector readout electronics is based on RENA-3 ASIC and the data handling system uses a custom electronics based on FPGA to provide the ASIC setting, the event handling logic, and the data acquisition. This paper mainly describes the components and the status of the undergoing activities for the construction of the proposed 3D CZT prototype and shows the results of the electronics tests.
    Original languageEnglish
    JournalProceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering
    Issue numberPART 1
    Pages (from-to)84530S
    Number of pages9
    Publication statusPublished - 2012
    EventHigh Energy, Optical, and Infrared Detectors for Astronomy V - Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Duration: 6 Jun 20126 Jun 2012
    Conference number: 8453


    ConferenceHigh Energy, Optical, and Infrared Detectors for Astronomy V

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    Invited Paper


    • CZT detector
    • Y ray spectroscopy
    • Drift stri
    • 3D imaging
    • Hard x- and soft y-ray astronomy


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