Development of Slewing Mirror Telescope Optical System for the UFFO-pathfinder

S. Jeong, J.W. Nam, K.-B. Ahn, I.H. Park, S.-W. Kim, J. Lee, H. Lim, Søren Brandt, Carl Budtz-Jørgensen, A.J. Castro-Tirado, P. Chen, M.H. Cho, J.N. Choi, B. Grossan, M.A. Huang, A. Jung, J.E. Kim, M.B. Kim, Y.W. Kim, E.V. LinderK.W. Min, G.W. Na, M.I. Panasyuk, J. Ripa, V. Reglero, G.F. Smoot, J.E. Suh, S. Svertilov, N. Vedenkin, I. Yashin

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    The Slewing Mirror Telescope (SMT) is the UV/optical telescope of UFFO-pathfinder. The SMT optical system is a Ritchey-Chrétien (RC) telescope of 100 mm diameter pointed by means of a gimbal-mounted flat mirror in front of the telescope. The RC telescope has a 17 × 17arcmin2 in Field of View and 4.3 arcsec resolution (full width half maximum of the point spread function) The beam-steering mirror enables the SMT to access a 35 × 35degree region and point and settle within 1 sec. All mirrors were fabricated to about 0.02 wavelengths RMS in wave front error (WFE) and 84.7% average reflectivity over 200 nm ~ 650 nm. The RC telescope was aligned to 0.05 wavelengths RMS in WFE (test wavelength 632.8 nm). In this paper, the technical details of the RC telescope and slewing mirror system assembly, integration, and testing are given shortly, and performance tests of the full SMT optical system are reported.
    Original languageEnglish
    JournalE A S Publications Series
    Pages (from-to)561-565
    Publication statusPublished - 2013


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