Detection of novel strains of cyprinid herpesvirus closely related to koi herpesvirus

Marc Y. Engelsma, Keith Way, Melanie J. Dodge, Michal Voorbergen-Laarman, Valentina Panzarin, Miriam Abbadi, Mansour El-Matbouli, Helle Frank Skall, Søren Kahns, David M. Stone

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    Cyprinid herpesvirus 3 (CyHV-3) or koi herpesvirus (KHV) is a devastating virus of carp. Using generic primers for the DNA polymerase and the major capsid protein genes of cyprinid herpesviruses, nucleotide sequences divergent from previously described CyHV-3 were obtained. At least 3 novel groups of putative CyHV-3-like viruses were identified, sharing 95 to 98% nucleotide identity with CyHV-3 strains. Carp carrying the CyHV-3 variants did not show clinical signs consistent with CyHV-3 infection and originated from locations with no actual CyHV-3 outbreaks. These strains might represent low-or non-pathogenic variants of CyHV-3.
    Original languageEnglish
    JournalDiseases of Aquatic Organisms
    Issue number2
    Pages (from-to)113-120
    Publication statusPublished - 2013


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