Detailed noise statistics for an optically preamplified direct detection receiver

Søren Lykke Danielsen, Benny Mikkelsen, Terji Durhuus, Carsten Jørgensen, Kristian Stubkjær

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    We describe the exact statistics of an optically preamplified direct detection receiver by means of the moment generating function. The theory allows an arbitrary shaped electrical filter in the receiver circuit. The moment generating function (MGF) allows for a precise calculation of the error rate by using the inverse Fast Fourier transform (FFT). The exact results are compared with the usual Gaussian approximation (GA), the saddlepoint approximation (SAP) and the modified Chernoff bound (MCB). This comparison shows that the noise is not Gaussian distributed for all values of the optical amplifier gain. In the region from 20-30 dB gain, calculations show that the GA underestimates the receiver sensitivity while the SAP is very close to the results of our exact model. Using the MGF derived in the article we then find the optimal bandwidth of the electrical filter in the receiver circuit and calculate the sensitivity degradation due to inter symbol interference (ISI)
    Original languageEnglish
    JournalJournal of Lightwave Technology
    Issue number5
    Pages (from-to)977-981
    Publication statusPublished - 1995

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