Danske erfaringer med forbedringer af softwareprocessen

Several contributors from, Jacob Nørbjerg

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    Software organisations and researchers report from the first part of a collaborative effort, which aims at applying and further developing the ideas related to software process improvement within a Danish industrial context. Systematic activities have been initiated in each of the participating four software organisations. These activities aim at improving the software processes based on assessments of the existing capabilities combined with applications of state-of-the-art techniques to professional software development. The collaboration focuses on providing insights into the practical problems and opportunities related to software process improvement. It is not part of the objective to provide an overall picture of Danish software processes and initiatives aimed at their improvement.The report gives a detailed account from each of the four organisations (chapter 4- 7): Which activities have been involved, how have they been organised, which are the specific lessons learned, and what recommendations can be given to others engaged in software process improvement? The report also presents experiences across the individual organisations (chapter 3). The general experience is that Danish organisations can benefit from software process improvement initiatives. Such efforts are, however, resource demanding they require a high level of management commitment and participation, and they typically involve fundamental changes in the software processes and environments. On a more specific level the following experiences are discussed:Data-driven interventions motivate and provide insight,Maturity can be assessed in different ways,Establishment of a metrics program is a project in itself,Process improvement is organisational development,Process improvement requires dynamic organisation,Process improvement initiatives should set an example,Process improvement must lead to visible results,Management must play an active role,There are many roads to improved project management,Each organisation must make its own experiences.
    Original languageDanish
    Number of pages154
    Publication statusPublished - 1998

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