Criteria for generalized translation-invariant frames

Jakob Lemvig, Jordy Timo van Velthoven

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This paper provides new sufficient and necessary conditions for the frame property of generalized translation-invariant systems. The conditions are formulated in
the Fourier domain and consist of estimates involving the upper and lower frame bound. In contrast to known conditions of a similar nature, the estimates take the phase of the generating functions into consideration and not only their modulus. The possibility of phase cancellations makes these estimates optimal for tight frames. The results on generalized translation-invariant systems will be proved in the setting of locally compact abelian groups, but even for Euclidean space and the special case of wavelet and shearlet systems the results are new.
Original languageEnglish
JournalStudia Mathematica
Pages (from-to)31-63
Publication statusPublished - 2019


  • Almost periodic functions
  • Frame
  • Frame bound
  • Gabor system
  • Generalized translation-invariant system
  • Necessary condition
  • Sufficient condition
  • Wavelet system

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