CORECOOL. Model description of the programme

J.G. Munthe Andersen, H. Abel-Larsen

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    CORECOOL, Convection and Radiation Emergency Cooling, is a model for the two-phase- flow and heat transfer in a fuel element during the core heat-up phase following a loss of coolant accident. The model for the two-phase flow is based on a solution of the conservation equations with a separate description of the two phases and thermodynamic non-equilibrium. The flow-regimes considered are drop flow and film flow. The heat transfer consists of convection, sputtering and radiation heat transfer. The documentation of CORECOOL consists of four parts:
    Part I: Model Description
    Part II: Programme Description (COMMERCIAL)
    Part III: Users Guide (COMMERCIAL)
    Part IV: Verification.(COMMERCIAL)
    CORECOOL is a joint project between Risø National Laboratory and General Electric Company, San José, USA.
    Original languageEnglish
    Place of PublicationRoskilde, Denmark
    PublisherRisø National Laboratory
    Number of pages37
    ISBN (Print)87-550-0565-9
    Publication statusPublished - 1978


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