Controlling light emission from single-photon sources using photonic nanowires

Niels Gregersen (Invited author), Yuntian Chen (Invited author), Jesper Mørk (Invited author), Christophe Sauvan (Invited author), Philippe Lalanne (Invited author), Mathieu Munsch (Invited author), Julien Claudon (Invited author), Joël Bleuse (Invited author), Nitin S. Malik (Invited author), Emmanuel Dupuy (Invited author), Jean- Michel Gérard (Invited author)

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The photonic nanowire has recently emerged as an promising alternative to microcavity-based single-photon source designs. In this simple structure, a geometrical effect ensures a strong coupling between an embedded emitter and the optical mode of interest and a combination of tapers and mirrors are used to tailor the far-field emission pattern. This non-resonant approach relaxes the demands to fabrication perfection, allowing for record-high measured efficiency of fabricated nanowire single-photon sources. We review recent progress in photonic nanowire technology and present next generation designs allowing for electrical contacting, polarization control, improved efficiency and simplified fabrication.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationProceedings ECIO 2012 : Invited Speakers
Publication date2012
Publication statusPublished - 2012
Event16th European Confrence on Integrated optics and Technical Exhibition, ECIO - Barcelona, Spain
Duration: 18 Apr 201220 Apr 2012


Conference16th European Confrence on Integrated optics and Technical Exhibition, ECIO


  • Photonic nanowire
  • Single-photon source
  • Single photons
  • Electrical pumping
  • Polarization control

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