Comparing the photocatalytic activity of TiO2 at macro- and microscopic scales

Antoni Torras-Rosell, Sabrina Rostgaard Johannsen, Kai Dirscherl, Svava Daviðsdóttir, Christian Sloth Jeppesen, Sascha Louring, Inge Hald Andersen

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This study focuses on the characterization of photocatalytic TiO2 coatings using Kelvin probe force microscopy. While most photocatalytic experiments are carried out at a macroscopic scale, Kelvin probe force microscopy is a microscopic technique that is surface sensitive. In order to link microscale results to macroscopic experiments, a simple method to establish the relation between Kelvin probe force microscopy and electrochemical measurements is presented by the calibration of a reference sample consisting of epitaxial deposited Cu-Ni-Au that is used as a transfer standard. The photocatalytic properties of TiO2 at macro- and microscopic scales are investigated by comparing photocatalytic degradation of acetone and electrochemical experiments to Kelvin probe force microscopy. The good agreement between the macro- and microscopic experiments suggests that Kelvin probe force microscopy can be a valuable tool towards the understanding, standardization and design of TiO2-based solutions in photocatalytic applications.
Original languageEnglish
JournalEnvironmental Science and Pollution Research
Issue number14
Pages (from-to)12683-12690
Number of pages8
Publication statusPublished - 2016


  • Calibration
  • Kelvin probe force microscopy
  • Photocatalytic activity
  • Thin films
  • TiO2


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