Combining Envisat and CryoSat-2 altimetry to inform hydrodynamic models

Raphael Schneider, Peter Nygaard Godiksen, Marc-Etienne Ridler, Heidi Villadsen, Henrik Madsen, Peter Bauer-Gottwein

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Decreasing availability of in-situ river monitoring datacan be met with increasing availability and quality ofsatellite altimetry data over rivers. CryoSat-2 is analtimeter mission launched in 2010 by the EuropeanSpace Agency (ESA). With its unique drifting orbit,common procedures of working with satellite altimetrydata over rivers cannot be easily applied. This workpresents a way of informing a hydrologic-hydrodynamicmodel of the Brahmaputra River with CryoSat-2altimetry. For one, CryoSat-2 data with its high spatialresolution was used to calibrate water levels in the 1Dhydrodynamic model. For the other, a data assimilationframework was developed and applied, showingpromising results for assimilation experiments with realand synthetic CryoSat-2 data.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationProceedings Living Planet Symposium 2016
EditorsL. Ouwehand
Number of pages5
PublisherEuropean Space Agency
Publication date2016
Article number1407
ISBN (Electronic)978-92-9221-305-3
Publication statusPublished - 2016
EventESA Living Planet Symposium 2016 - Prague, Czech Republic
Duration: 9 May 201613 May 2016


ConferenceESA Living Planet Symposium 2016
Country/TerritoryCzech Republic
Internet address
SeriesE S A - S P


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