Collapsible Photovoltaic Module for a Large-Scale Solar Power Plant

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An elongate photovoltaic (PV) module for use in a solar energy conversion plant for the production of electricity from incident light, the PV-module comprising a top portion with a support panel (G) carrying on a front side a plurality of electrically connected PV cells (D), and a transparent protective layer (A) sealed to the support panel (G) so as to encapsulate the PV-cells (D) between the support panel (G) and the protective layer (A), wherein prior to installation of the PV-module at the deployment site a collapsible portion of the PV-module is configured to be collapsible in a longitudinal direction by folding and/or rolling, wherein the collapsible portion includes at least the top portion, wherein the PV-module further comprises one or more integrated ballast chambers (I) in a bottom portion of the PV-module arranged on a rear side of the support panel (G), wherein said integrated ballast chamber (I) after installation of the PV-module at the deployment site contains an amount of a ballasting material (H) with a weight sufficient to immobilize the PV-module on a supporting surface of the deployment site under predetermined characteristic climate conditions for the deployment site.

Original languageEnglish
IPCH01L 31/ 18 A I
Patent numberUS2014238464
Filing date28/08/2014
Country/TerritoryUnited States
Priority date06/09/2012
Priority numberWO2012DK00098
Publication statusPublished - 28 Aug 2014

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Also published as: WO2013034155 (A2) WO2013034155 (A3) EP2754186 (A2)


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