Online solution for easy monitoring & control of the indoor environment

Davide Cali, Michelle Lind Østrup, Sebastian Arcos Specht, Christian Ankerstjerne Thilker, Hjörleifur G Bergsteinsson, Henrik Madsen, Bjarne W. Olesen

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The purpose: CLIMIFY aims at maximizing the occupants’ experience in the built environment and at enhancing buildings’ performance. We monitor the indoor environment by using data from different sources. Moreover, we collect, directly from the
occupants, feedback on the indoor climate. Finally, we control the indoor climate based on the occupancy levels and the real needs of occupants. We enhance the comfort, maximize the occupants’ performance, wellbeing and health, save energy, and actively create flexibility that can be offered to the energy grids. The Problem: Most buildings do not perform as they should. Old buildings, new buildings, retrofit buildings: most of them have issues with indoor environmental quality (IEQ) and energy efficiency. Moreover, the use of renewable energy sources challenges the energy grids: Buildings could play an important role in the near future and help in balancing the energy grids. However, they are still planned as in the sixties, where the usage of buildings was ruled by fixed schedules and modular energy production. BMS systems are usually closed and cannot englobe innovation that arrives in form of IoT sensors and actuators; finally, system from different vendors do not work together. Climify proposes a viable solution to accelerate a smartification of the building stock.
Original languageEnglish
Publication date2021
PublisherTechnical University of Denmark
Number of pages2
Publication statusPublished - 2021


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