Climate Change Starter’s Guidebook: An Issues Guide for Education Planners and Practitioners

Alejandro Deeb, Amber French, Julia Heiss, Jason Jabbour, Dominique LaRochelle, Arkadiy Levintanus, Anna Kontorov, Rummukainen Markku, Gerardo Sanchez Martinez, Rosalyn McKeown, Nicolay Paus, Antoine Pecoud, Guillaume Pénisson, Daniel Puig, Vanessa Retana, Serban Scrieciu, Morgan Strecker, Vimonmas Vachatimanont, Benjamin Witte, Noriko Yamada

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    Few issues over the past two decades have brought with them as many challenges as that of climate change. From shifting weather patterns that threaten food production, to rising sea levels that increase the risk of catastrophic flooding, the impacts of climate change are global in scope and unprecedented in scale. While climate change is global, its negative impacts are more severely felt by poor people and poor countries. Without drastic action today, adapting to these impacts in the future will be more difficult and costly, undermine national development efforts and hinder progress towards the Millennium Development Goals.
    Original languageEnglish
    Number of pages72
    ISBN (Print)978-92-3-101001-9
    Publication statusPublished - 2011

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    Deeb, A., French, A., Heiss, J., Jabbour, J., LaRochelle, D., Levintanus, A., Kontorov, A., Markku, R., Sanchez Martinez, G., McKeown, R., Paus, N., Pecoud, A., Pénisson, G., Puig, D., Retana, V., Scrieciu, S., Strecker, M., Vachatimanont, V., Witte, B., & Yamada, N. (2011). Climate Change Starter’s Guidebook: An Issues Guide for Education Planners and Practitioners. UNEP.