Circular Construction in Regenerative Cities -State of the art on material flow data in the built environment.

Ben Cartwright, Henna Teerihalme, Tina Haaspuro, Petra Pikkarainen, Satu Huuhka, Rune Andersen, Lotte Jensen, Martin Tilsted, Nicholas Heunicke, Marie Finke, Ana Julia Kuschmierz, Kersten Kuchta, Vasiliki Savvilotidou, Anja Giebelhausen, Doug Simpson, Peter Childs, Kaie Small-Warner, Tom Jennings, Gilli Hobbs

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    This report summarises the key findings and conclusions from Work package 3 - Map flow of built environment materials, Task 3.1 Current data on existing built environment and/or material flows in cities. Each city completed a template to record data across various aspects of building data; material and product data; reuse, recycling and other waste management data; processes and standards data, among others. From this exercise, it was possible to understand what dataset existed and how relevant and accessible they might be in each city. This information was collected to understand what data might be currently available for the work being undertaken in other work packages, notably WPs 4, 5, 6 and 8. Therefore, some exploration of the 'use cases' for data in each of these WPs, alongside other general use cases for data have been evaluated. This evaluation extends beyond the city scale analysis to include international research and best practices, to better understand the range of methodologies and the data that might be required to apply them. This report will be adapted for open publication, alongside the 4 detailed city data capture spreadsheets that were completed to January 2020.
    The next stage of this task (3.1) will expand upon the requirements for data, gaps in data provision (based upon the city data currently available) and recommendations for filling these data gaps, based upon discussions with local stakeholders.
    Original languageEnglish
    Number of pages135
    Publication statusPublished - 2021


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