CASI data utilized for mapping suspended matter concentrations in sediment plumes and verification of 2-D hydrodynamic modelling

P.V. Jørgensen, Karen Edelvang

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A combined tunnel and bridge between Denmark and Sweden, The Oresund Link, is presently under construction (1995-2001). The dredging spills and environmental effects are monitored continuously. The monitoring involves the simulation of suspended matter concentrations in sediment plumes from dredging operations using 2-D hydrodynamic modelling (MIKE 21 PA/MT). A Compact Airborne Spectrographic Imager (CASI) acquisition was used to map suspended matter concentrations in a plume from 10 June 1997. Suspended matter concentrations were in the range of 1-30 mg l-1 with background concentrations around 1-3 mg l-1, while concentrations in the plume were 3-30 mg l-1. A map of suspended matter concentration was derived from an empirical algorithm between in situ irradiance reflectance at 550 nm and suspended matter concentration determined from water samples taken both inside and outside the plume. The map was used to verify the results derived by the 2-D hydrodynamic model. A comparison of the concentration variations derived using the two methods presented here shows a reasonable agreement, in spite of the fact that the remote sensing data have far more spatial details than the MIKE 21 simulation.
Original languageEnglish
JournalInternational Journal of Remote Sensing
Issue number11
Pages (from-to)2247-2258
Publication statusPublished - 2000
Externally publishedYes


  • dredging spills
  • environmental effects
  • irradiance reflectance
  • MIKE 21 simulation
  • Oresund LInk tunnel-bridge
  • sediment plumes
  • two-dimensional hydrodynamic modeling verification
  • suspended matter
  • 04500, Mathematical biology and statistical methods
  • 10515, Biophysics - Biocybernetics
  • 22501, Toxicology - General and methods
  • 22506, Toxicology - Environment and industry
  • 37015, Public health - Air, water and soil pollution
  • Computational Biology
  • Compact Airborne Spectrographic Imager CASI equipment
  • empirical algorithm mathematical method
  • remote sensing data collection method
  • Models and Simulations
  • Pollution Assessment Control and Management
  • Toxicology


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