Bromosubstituted norbornadienes and their reversible photolytic transformation to quadricyclanes

Peter Hammershøj, Thomas J. Sørensen, Anders Ø. Madsen, Martin Meedom Nielsen, Klaus Bechgaard

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Two new model systems for use within the rapidly developing ultrafast time resolved x-ray scattering techniques have been prepared. Their photoisomerisation from norbornadiene to quadricyclane was found to be a suitable reaction to follow. Simulations of scattering patterns (not included in this report) showed that if heavy atoms are included in these molecular structures, then the transformation can be followed by transient x-ray scattering techniques. Two new bromosubstituted norbornadienes were synthesised and characterised. Absorption spectroscopy showed that the norbornadienes are converted quantitatively to quadricyclanes under UV irradiation. NMR studies showed that the process was fully reversible and that the norbornadienes could be completely recovered even without addition of catalysts. Furthermore, it was shown that the formation of quadricyclane from norbornadiene was unaffected by triplet sensitizers. The two new model systems synthesised thus are strong candidates for use in time resolved x-ray scattering studies both in gas and condensed phases.
Original languageEnglish
JournalScienceopen Research
Issue numberSection: SOR-CHEM
Number of pages6
Publication statusPublished - 2014

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