Broad spectrum moderators and advanced reflector filters using 208Pb

Troels Schönfeldt, K. Batkov, Esben Bryndt Klinkby, Bent Lauritzen, F. Mezei, G. Muhrer, E. Pitcher, A. Takibayev, Peter Kjær Willendrup, L. Zanini

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Cold and thermal neutrons used in neutrons scattering experiments are produced in nuclear reactors and spallation sources. The neutrons are cooled to thermal or cold temperatures in thermal and cold moderators, respectively. The present study shows that it is possible to exploit the poor thermalizing property of 208Pb to design a broad spectrum moderator, i.e. a moderator which emits thermal and cold neutrons from the same position. Using 208Pb as a reflector filter material is shown to be slightly less efficient than a conventional beryllium reflector filter. However, when surrounding the reflector filter by a cold moderator it is possible to regain the neutrons with wavelengths below the Bragg edge, which are suppressed in the beryllium reflector filter. In both the beryllium and lead case surrounding the reflector filter with a cold moderator increases the cold brightness significantly compared to a conventional reflector filter.


  • Spallation
  • Neutron
  • Moderators
  • Reflector filter
  • Bispectral
  • Neutronics


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