Bornholm lighthouse energy system models: WP4: Modelling, simulation, engineering and equipment development for the Lighthouse demonstration

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Deliverable 4.10 focuses on the development of the energy system models that will constitute the basis of the planned experimental validation of Use Cases 4 and 5. Use case 4 (UC4) aims at establishing a local DC bus with a battery backup. Use case 5 (UC5) aims at assessing integrated management of local bio-based economies supporting the electrical, thermal and transport systems. With these objectives in mind, and considering that the main tools used for the simulations will be DIgSilent Powerfactory and Matlab-Simulink, four different models have been developed: two for UC 4 and two for UC5. While each model has its own distinctive feature, common elements in the methodological approach are maintained in order to set the basis for future improvements based on the foreseen results of the experimental investigation part of WP6 (demonstration in Bornholm). The reader will find the key objectives and boundaries of each model in this document. A more
extensive set of results will be made publicly available as part of D4.8 (Bornholm Lighthouse UC-4 report) and D4.9 (Bornholm Lighthouse UC-5 report). Publicly available early stage results are reported as part of three conference papers submitted to the UPEC 2020 conference. The deliverable content and the models of D4.10 have been prepared by DTU with specific input from the Danish partners: BEOF, Fremsyn, and BRK. The four model files are uploaded as annex of D4.10 and their availability and usage is limited to the partners involved in the Bornholm demonstration.
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Publication statusPublished - 2020

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