Basic thinking patterns of decision-making in engineering design

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In the situation where an industrial company launches a new product to the consumer market, based upon more or less new invented solutions, the evaluation and decision-making activities during design become rather complex. The engineering designer or design team has: · to target the customer’s need and values, and ensure timely market introduction, · to target the business to create proper profit for the company, · to find the best design solution and ensure that it fits to all life phases, · and finally to co-ordinate all design and activity elements into a proper totality. The goals of more stakeholders have to be reflected in the product design specifications, and decision-making during the design process becomes both a search for the best design solution and a navigation towards a feasible and efficient process. Thus, the decisions made during the design process have a critical impact both on the design solution obtained, but also on the design process in itself. In this paper we will propose a model of these interrelated decision activities, we will outline a mindset for decision-making, and we will discuss decision-making methodologies found in literature and current approaches seen in practice. The structure of the paper is the following. In section 2 we discuss related work. In section 3 we propose a decision-making model, and in section 4 we outline a mindset for decision-making. In section 5 decision-making strategies are briefly discussed. The paper finishes with conclusions.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationMCE 2000 - International Workshop on Multi-Criteria Evaluation
EditorsHarald Meerkamm
Publication date2000
Publication statusPublished - 2000
EventMCE 2000 - International Conference on Multi-Criteria Evaluation - Neukirchen, Germany
Duration: 1 Jan 2000 → …


ConferenceMCE 2000 - International Conference on Multi-Criteria Evaluation
CityNeukirchen, Germany
Period01/01/2000 → …


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