Atmospheric deposition, CO2, and change in the land carbon sink

Cristina Martinez-Fernandez, Sara Vicca, Ivan A. Janssens, P. Ciais, M Obersteiner, M Bartrons, J. Sardans, A Verger, J G Canadell, F. Chevallier, X Wang, C. Bernhofer, Peter S Curtis, D. Gianelle, T. Grünwald, B. Heinesch, Andreas Ibrom, A. Knohl, T. Laurila, Beverly E. LawJ M Limousin, B. Longdoz, D. Loustau, I. Mammarella, G. Matteucci, Russell K Monson, L. Montagnani, Eddy J. Moors, J William Munger, D. Papale, S L Piao, J. Penuelas

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