Analysis and prediction of the alpha-function parameters used in cubic equations of state

Romain Privata, Maxime Viscontea, Anis Zazoua-Khames, Jean-Noël Jauberta, Rafiqul Gani

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The performance of two generalized alpha functions (Soave and generalized Twu functions requiring the acentric factor as input parameter) and two parameterizable alpha functions (Mathias-Copeman and Twu) incorporated in cubic equations of state (Redlich-Kwong and Peng-Robinson) are evaluated and compared regarding their ability to reproduce vapor pressure, heat of vaporization, liquid heat capacity, liquid density and second virial coefficient data. To reach this objective, extensive databanks of alpha function parameters were created. In particular, pitfalls of Twu-type alpha functions were evidenced and fixed. A new class of purely predictive alpha functions was derived by applying group-contribution (GC) methods to the prediction of alpha function parameters. The interest of such an approach is discussed and compared to another predictive approach (use of generalized alpha functions coupled with GC methods to predict the acentric factor)
Original languageEnglish
JournalChemical Engineering Science
Pages (from-to)584-603
Publication statusPublished - 2015


  • Alpha function
  • Cubic equation of state
  • Twu
  • Mathias-Copeman
  • Group contribution
  • Pitfalls


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