An adaptable end-to-end maintenance performance diagnostic framework

Jingrui Ge, Kristoffer Vandrup Sigsgaard, Bjørn Sørskot Andersen, Niels Henrik Mortensen, Julie Krogh Agergaard, Kasper Barslund Hansen

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Purpose: This paper proposes a progressive, multi-level framework for diagnosing maintenance performance: rapid performance health checks of key performance for different equipment groups and end-to-end process diagnostics to further locate potential performance issues. A question-based performance evaluation approach is introduced to support the selection and derivation of case-specific indicators based on diagnostic aspects. Design/methodology/approach: The case research method is used to develop the proposed framework. The generic parts of the framework are built on existing maintenance performance measurement theories through a literature review. In the case study, empirical maintenance data of 196 emergency shutdown valves (ESDVs) are collected over a two-year period to support the development and validation of the proposed approach. Findings: To improve processes, companies need a separate performance measurement structure. This paper suggests a hierarchical model in four layers (objective, domain, aspect and performance measurement) to facilitate the selection and derivation of indicators, which could potentially reduce management complexity and help prioritize continuous performance improvement. Examples of new indicators are derived from a case study that includes 196 ESDVs at an offshore oil and gas production plant. Originality/value: Methodological approaches to deriving various performance indicators have rarely been addressed in the maintenance field. The proposed diagnostic framework provides a structured way to identify and locate process performance issues by creating indicators that can bridge generic evaluation aspects and maintenance data. The framework is highly adaptive as data availability functions are used as inputs to generate indicators instead of passively filtering out non-applicable existing indicators.
Original languageEnglish
JournalInternational Journal of Quality and Reliability Management
Publication statusAccepted/In press - 2024


  • Data availability
  • Decision support
  • Maintenance
  • Oil and gas
  • Performance indicator
  • Performance measurement


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