Adsorption of NO on the Rh-13, Pd-13, Ir-13, and Pt-13 Clusters: A Density Functional Theory Investigation

Mauricio J. Piotrowski, Paulo Piquini, Zhenhua Zeng, Juarez L. F. Da Silva

Research output: Contribution to journalJournal articleResearchpeer-review


The adsorption of NO on transition-metal (TM) surfaces has been widely studied by experimental and theoretical techniques; however, our atomistic understanding of the interaction of nitrogen monoxide (NO) with small TM clusters is far from satisfactory, which compromises a deep understanding of real catalyst devices. In this study, we report a density functional theory study of the adsorption properties of NO on the TM13 (TM = Rh, Pd, Ir, Pt) clusters employing the projected augmented wave method. We found that the interaction of NO with TM13 is much more complex than that for NO/TM(111). In particular, for low symmetry TM13 clusters, there is a strong rearrangement of the electronic charge density upon NO adsorption and, as a consequence, the adsorption energy shows a very complex dependence even for adsorption sites with the same local effective coordination. We found a strong enhancement of the binding energy of NO to the TM13 clusters compared with the TM(111) surfaces, as the antibonding NO states are not occupied for NO/TM13, and the general relationship based on the d-band model between adsorption energy and the center of gravity of the occupied d-states does not hold for the studied TM13 clusters, in particular, for clusters with low symmetry. In contrast with the adsorption energy trends, the geometric NO/TM13 parameters and the vibrational N-O frequencies for different coordination sites follow the same trend as for the respective TM(111) surfaces, while the changes in the frequencies between different surfaces and TM13 clusters reflect the strong NO-TM13 interaction.

Original languageEnglish
JournalThe Journal of Physical Chemistry Part C
Issue number38
Pages (from-to)20540-20549
Publication statusPublished - 2012

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