A non-parametric method for correction of global radiation observations

Peder Bacher, Henrik Madsen, Bengt Perers, Henrik Aalborg Nielsen

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This paper presents a method for correction and alignment of global radiation observations based on information obtained from calculated global radiation, in the present study one-hour forecast of global radiation from a numerical weather prediction (NWP) model is used. Systematical errors detected in the observations are corrected. These are errors such as: tilt in the leveling of the sensor, shadowing from surrounding objects, clipping and saturation in the signal processing, and errors from dirt and wear. The method is based on a statistical non-parametric clear-sky model which is applied to both the observed and the calculated radiation in order to find systematic deviations between them. The method is applied to correct global radiation observations from a climate station located at a district heating plant in Denmark. The results are compared to observations recorded at the Danish Technical University. The method can be useful for optimized use of solar radiation observations for forecasting, monitoring, and modeling of energy production and load which are affected by solar radiation.
Original languageEnglish
JournalSolar Energy
Pages (from-to)13-22
Publication statusPublished - 2013


  • Global solar radiation
  • Observations
  • Correction
  • Quality control
  • Statistical clear-sky model
  • Solar energy


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