A new Laplace transformation method for dynamic testing of solar collectors

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A new dynamic method for solar collector testing is developed. It is characterized by using the Laplace transformation technique to solve the differential governing equation. The new method was inspired by the so called New Dynamic Method (NDM) (Amer E. et al (1999) [1]) but totally different. By integration of the Laplace transformation technique with the Quasi Dynamic Test (QDT) model (Fischer S. et al (2004) [2]), the Laplace – QDT (L-QDT) model is derived. Two experimental methods are then introduced. One is the shielding method which needs to shield and un-shield solar collector continuously during test period. The other is the natural test method which doesn't need any intervention.
The new L-QDT model with the shielding method are tested by TRNSYS (Klein S. et al (1988) [3]) simulation. Experiments were carried out at Technical University of Denmark by using the L-QDT method and the natural experimental method. The identified collector parameters are then compared and analyzed with those obtained by the steady state test method and the QDT test method. The results comparison shows that the L-QDT method and the natural experimental method are also valid.
It can be concluded that the new Laplace test method can obtain reasonable and accurate collector parameters under transient weather condition.
Original languageEnglish
JournalRenewable Energy
Pages (from-to)448-458
Publication statusPublished - 2015


  • Solar collector
  • Laplace transformation technique
  • Dynamic test method
  • Solar collector parameters


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