A feasibility Study: The Succinct Solver v2.0, XSB Prolog v2.6, and Flow-Logic Based Program Analysis for Carmel

Henrik Pilegaard

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    We perform a direct comparison of the {Succinct Solver v2.0} and {XSB Prolog v2.6} based on experiments with {Control Flow Analyses} of scalable {Discretionary Ambient programs} and {Carmel programs}. To facilitate this comparison we expand ALFP clauses accepted by the Succinct Solver into more general Normal clauses accepted by both solvers and run the experiments for all three possible combinations of input and solver. This allows the solvers to be tested on even ground and enables the reuse of existing analyses and their corresponding ALFP constraint generators. The performance of the Succinct Solver is at worst a small constant factor worse than XSB Prolog. In optimum cases the Succinct Solver outperforms XSB Prolog by having a substantially lower asymptotic complexity.
    Original languageEnglish
    Publication statusPublished - 2003

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