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    High brightness laser diode technology is a key enabling technology for the information society of to-morrow, especially in the fields of health-care, telecommunication, environment and security. The development and achievements of the information society rely on the smart use of information for applications such as imagery or telecommunications. The electron and the photon are the two main information carriers, the latter having taken an increased role since the end of the seventies, when engineers demonstrated the efficiency of optical fibre transmission. Since then, the demand for high brightness sources has increased continuously. Laser diodes already offer extraordinary compactness at a reasonable cost and now play a central role in telecommunications. However, their brightness still needs to be improved to spread their large-scale uptake across the Information Society; the main challenge is to couple more light power in smaller diameter fibres. The WWW.BRIGHT.EU consortium proposes a long-term vision aiming at pushing the limits of the current laser diode technology towards higher brightness, and at demonstrating applications such as 1)Medical imagery for cancer therapy, 2) Amplifiers for telecommunication networks. The approach consists of mobilising the expertise of the main European actors in the core laser diode core technologies, and coupling it with highly innovative optical technologies e.g. smart cavity concepts for higher efficiency and tuneability. Industrialisation constraints will be widely addressed through packaging and reliability studies.”
    Effective start/end date01/06/200430/09/2006

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    • Forsk. EU - Rammeprogram


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