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    High brightness laser diode technology is a key enabling technology for the modern information society, especially in the fields of health-care, telecommunications, infotainment, environment and security. Laser diodes offer high output power, compactness, robustness, and mass production capabilities. However their use in the above mentioned domains is often limited by the difficulty to reach satisfactory performances on power and beam quality simultaneously. The term ―high brightness indicates exactly the capability of a high power laser diode to provide high beam quality. The brightness governs directly the performance of systems, such as the transmission span of an optical data link, the reliability of a diagnosis in fluorescence imaging of cancer, or the resolution of a laser projection display. Therefore, the need for high brightness laser diodes in these applications is currently strongly increasing. The WWW.BRIGHTER.EU consortium proposes a long-term vision aiming at pushing the limits of the current laser diode technology towards higher brightness, and at demonstrating applications such as: 1) Laser sources for medical imagery for cancer diagnosis and intelligent therapy, 2) Optical amplifiers for telecommunication networks, 3) Compact source for projection display
    Effective start/end date01/10/200631/01/2010

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    • Forsk. EU - Rammeprogram


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