Wind Power Quality Improvement (WPQI)

  • Pedersen, Jørgen Kaas (Project Manager)
  • Pedersen, Knud Ole Helgesen (Project Participant)

    Project Details


    The project is UE supported under Joule Non-nuclear Energy R&D Programme.
    The reactive power consumption of wind turbines varies strongly and rapidly with the wind. This can give variation in the line voltage (flicker) and reduce the electrical power quality. The goal is to reduce this effect by compensating the reactive power consumption with an advanced static var compensator (ASVC) close to the wind turbines.
    In Rejsby Hede Wind Farm are 40 wind turbines of 600 kW which in all can produce 24 MW. The project is to build a 8 Mvar ASVC for compensating the wind farm. For this purpose and in this scale there are for now build very few if any ASVCs.
    Siemens is building the power electronics and ELTEKNIK participates in dimension of the control system and takes care of all the measurements. After the commissioning of the ASVC there will be a period for measurering the effect of the ASVC in the electrical network.
    An ASVC be modelled for simulations of electrical networks and if possible compared the measurements.
    Effective start/end date01/01/199631/05/1998


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