Web based design and simulation platform for solar energy applications

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    At DTU Civil Engineering Department, solar energy research has been carried out for more than 45 years. Many technology outcomes have resulted from the efforts during the period, especially on the design and simulation tools for solar energy components and systems, which are valuable for the industry and education. However, some of the old tools were developed in the early days on DOS system, which are difficult to be used now while some of them were written in old-fashioned language without user interface, and are not optimized. On the other hand, new functions are continuously being added and new software are still being developed.

    The project aims to upgrade the old software, expand their functionality and develop relevant new software. Further, the project aims to develop a website-based design and simulation platform, which provides online computing services for users worldwide.

    We believe through this project, the following objectives can be achieved:

    1. To save and preserve the knowledge legacy of the solar energy research at DTU Byg
    2. To start up a sustainable development online service at DTU Byg
    3. To be used in the education and increase the digitalization level
    4. To help the industry design solar energy components and systems
    5. To help the industry do feasible study according to simulation results
    6. To inspire innovation in solar energy area
    Short titleWeb based design
    Effective start/end date01/01/202231/12/2024


    • Solar Energy
    • Solar Energy Components
    • Solar Energy Systems


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