Visual comfort without borders: Interactions on discomfort glare

  • Sarey Khanie, Mandana (Collaborative Partner)

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    Existing models for describing visual comfort show high uncertainties on users' real visual experiences in buildings. The reasons for this are versatile: 1. First, existing models do not consider the influence of visual systems on humans (e.g., contrast sensitivity). 2. Evaluate the models exclusively the negative aspects and neglect that e.g. Treasure throws and high contrasts in the field of view were also positively felt, as long as the view was not disturbed. 3. Concentrate on current glare models either on the saturation effect or use the contrast as a measure for that glare. And 4. other potential influencing factors such as temperature, color temperature, or exposure time in existing models were not considered. The impact of these uncertainties is e.g. the user-friendly solar control systems is difficult to anticipate and often leads to a higher energy demand from buildings.
    Short titleVisual Comfort
    Effective start/end date01/02/201931/01/2023

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