Variability of the chalk background velocity in the South Arne area

  • Diaz, Hector Osvaldo Ampuero (Project Participant)
  • Nguyen, Sinh Hy (Project Participant)
  • Fabricius, Ida Lykke (Project Manager)
  • Person, Unknown (Project Participant)
  • Mavko, Gary (Project Participant)

Project Details


Quantification of how the chalk background velocity (the low-frequent velocity variations which define the absolute level of the chalk velocity) in the South Arne area is affected by effective stress, presence of hydrocarbons as well as porosity, composition, texture and cementation of chalk.
Estimation of upper and lower bounds on chalk porosity estimated from seismic inversion based on the analysis of these factors.
Evaluation of the usefulness of velocities estimated from seismic processing as a supplement to well log data for establishing chalk background velocity.
Effective start/end date01/04/200331/03/2005


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