Valorization of red seaweed biomasses towards future sustainability (VALSEA), Multiextraction of Bioactive Compounds from Macroalgae

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The aim of this applied research project is to better utilize the valuable compounds in seaweed and thereby achieve a higher return, since at present, Danish and international companies only extract specific stabilizing agents/ingredients from seaweed for use in various food and consumer products, and several valuable compounds go to waste. In this project the National Food Institute will use its expertise within seaweed research in cooperation with four Danish companies; CP Kelco, GEA Niro, Third Wave Nutrition and Nordisk Tang by Endelave.
Not only carrageenan or furcellaran as single extraction, but a future multi-extraction of valuable proteins, natural food colours and antioxidants will turn waste into value, to be used in e.g. protein shakes.
The research include the entire value chain from the extraction, drying of the extracted products such as protein, testing and application for ready products, and includes red seaweed species to be researched such as: Eucheuma spinosum, Furcellaria lumbricalis and Palmaria palmata for their different compositions and applications.
DTU Food partners are Charlotte Jacobsen, Susan L. Holdt and Alireza Naseri
Effective start/end date01/01/201631/12/2019


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