Validation of full life cycle test with the copepod "Acartia tonsa"

  • Wollenberger, Leah (Project Participant)
  • Hedberg, Camilla Berg (Project Participant)
  • Kusk, Kresten Ole (Project Manager)

Project Details


An OECD guideline for a life cycle test with the marine pelagic copepod Acartia tonsa is under development. One main purpose is testing of hormonal disrupters. A draft guideline is to verified in 2004.Prepare a new draft guideline on Acartia tonsa.
Collect and compile comments on the revised draft and include where relevant (Jan 2004).
Plan and co-ordinate (in co-operation with the Swedish partner) the validation ringtest (Feb-Marts 2004).
Perform validation tests with one or two of the proposed reference compounds according to the revised draft (Feb-April 2004).
Report the outcome of the validation to NordUtte and OECD (April/May 2004).
Effective start/end date01/12/200301/12/2005