Utilisation of bioactive peptides from fish processing - Upgrading the value of secondary products.

  • Jessen, Flemming (Project Manager)
  • Nielsen, Henrik Hauch (Project Participant)
  • Andersen, Lisa Lystbæk (Project Participant)
  • Nielsen, Michael Engelbrecht (Project Participant)
  • Hoffmann, Else K. (Project Participant)
  • Andersen, Leif Percival (Project Participant)
  • Elvevol, Edel Oddny (Project Participant)
  • Jakobsen, Greta (Project Participant)
  • Lynglev, Gitte Budolfsen (Collaborative Partner)
  • Rørvig, Peter (Project Participant)

Project Details


Fish and seafood products contain bioactive peptides with different health promoting effects on e.g. blood pressure, immune system, cancer, diabetes, obesity and ulcer. Some bioactive peptides are present per se in the fish whereas most are only formed by degradation of the proteins. The aim of the project was to find bioactive peptides in enzymatic hydrolysed fish parts or whole fish not used for human consumption. We have found many peptide preparations with positive effects on the enzyme regulating blood tension (ACE) and with antioxidative effects, but also several that inhibit or kill pancreatic cancer cells in culture and some that strongly inhibit the adhesion of ulcer forming bacteria (Helicobacter pylori) to stomach cells in culture. Especially the effects on cancer cells and bacteria have interesting perspectives if the peptides show up to function in whole organisms, including human, because they would then have potential as future anticancer and antibacterial drugs.
Effective start/end date01/04/200831/12/2012