Uniform Languages of Composition

  • Steensgaard-Madsen, Jørgen (Project Manager)

    Project Details


    The objective is to make use of prior results of theoretical nature in a context specifically oriented towards practice. The results concern program modularity, reuse and structured system development.
    The primary goal is to develop tools to build efficient interpreters for structured use of existing, domain specific libraries. Composite use of library routines will be expressed more concisely than possible with programs in C or similar programming languages.
    A secondary goal is to apply the tools and build interpreters for particular domains, for instance network programming, dynamic generation of html-documents and real-time programming.
    The project is based on a few characteristics:
    1. Language syntax is based on types that replace non-terminals in a conventional descriptions.
    2. Interpretation is based on a lexical encoding of programs, rather than on a virtual machine of the von Neumann family.
    The project has no external funding.
    Effective start/end date01/04/1996 → …


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