Unified testing procedures for wind turbines through inflow characterisation using nacelle lidars

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UniTTe addresses the question of how best to characterise the wind when measuring the power and loads on modern wind turbines.
Current international standards require us to measure the wind from a mast, far in-front of the rotor and at the rotor centre height (hub-height). UniTTe proposes a radical change so that in the future we will measure with a lidar (laser anemometer) mounted on the nacelle, measure quite close to the rotor and measure over a range of heights. The advantages will be significant: avoiding erecting high masts (hugely expensive offshore), getting better correlation between the wind and the power and loads and achieving universal procedures that work equally well both offshore and in mountains.
UniTTe - Unified Turbine Testing
Effective start/end date01/01/201431/12/2017


  • nacelle lidars, power performance, loads assessment, inflow, induction