Transport Innovation Network : Integrated Product/Service-Systems Activity (A8)

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    The Transport Innovation Network (TINV) is a national, cross disciplinary network aimed at the Danish Transport sector. The primary objectives of TINV are to create synergy, encourage match-making and generate research and development projects between stakeholders in the transport sector and research- and educational institutions, as well as related sectors such as energy and infrastructure.

    Denmark’s competitive position depends on the technological leadership of the transport sector. Accordingly, it is paramount for the Danish transport sector to be able to draw on the latest technology knowledge and research. Through a number of sub-activities, TINV works to gather the different players across the transport scene with the aim of creating synergy, identifying the need for new technologies and initiating projects between our members to ensure development and implementation of these.

    The Danish shipbuilding industry has traditionally focused on delivering products to their customers, based on the longevity and high technical/functional qualities of their physical artefacts. But as with most industries, the continuing market globalisation in the shipbuilding industry both opens opportunities, in terms of a rising number of potential customers and represents threats, due to the growing number of competitors worldwide.

    Maritime component manufacturers are experiencing a growing demand from customers with respect to after-sales service, and they also see a great business opportunity in becoming more systematic about their integrated product/service development activities.
    Effective start/end date01/07/200931/12/2010


    • Product/Service-Systems (PSS)
    • Service Innovation
    • Maritime Industry
    • Transport Innovation


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